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FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING (500ml), as the name suggests, is a dressing that fits multiple application requirements. From hard exterior plastic trim to soft-touch interior plastic, leather and vinyl, from engine trim to tires, ALL PURPOSE DRESSING is the answer.


Utilizing a water-based reactive silicon, FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING not only provides a protective barrier from the elements but also offers incredible UV protection to all sensitive surfaces. Unlike some chain store competitors, FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING does not leave an overly shiny surface or an oily, greasy feel and does not attract dirt and dust. Being water-based, it can be diluted to your preference for each surface, leaving behind a factory-look and satin feel on the interior or at full strength for a little extra shine on your faded exterior trim and tires.

Not only does FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING protect and leave a factory look and feel, but it can also restore faded trim, plastic, vinyl, rubber and leather. Surfaces treated with FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING will require less maintenance and cleaning and will retain that “New Car Look” longer.

Durability & Application Surfaces

Expected durability has many variables like abrasion to the surface, thickness of the application, weather, and type of surface. However, expect one(1) month or more in durability.

: – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfaces

  • Exterior hard plastic trim
  • Soft-touch interior plastic
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Engine bay
  • Tires

500ml Bottle or 5L Bottle


Prior to application, place vehicle in will lit area with temperature ranging from 10 degrees Celsius – 30 degrees Celsius (50-85 F) and contaminant free. Make sure you have plenty of microfiber towels or microfiber applicator sponges.

Application Instructions

Spray FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING on a microfiber towel or microfiber applicator pad and wipe onto the surface. Once the product has been applied to the entire surface, go back and smooth out/level the product with the microfiber towel or microfiber applicator.

Additional layers can be applied for added protection or shine.
Be sure to test on interior plastics first in order to determine the dilution ratio best for the level of shine desired.


FEYNLAB® ALL PURPOSE DRESSING is ready to use. However, you can dilute the product up to 1:4 with distilled water to decrease the shine, if desired.


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